Who are we?

BPUG (Best Practice User Group) Slovensko is an independent association of professionals, typically coming from project and programme management roles from both the public and private sectors. The group is made up of professionals who want to develop their expertise, and in leisure, to network with other peers to share experience, knowledge and best practice.
BPUG originates from the UK and was for the first time listed as a legal entity in public domain in 1993 formed as a group of users focused on PRINCE2 methodology ( PUG – Prince 2 User Group) with majority of experts from the public sector . This professional group continually builds on the activities of users of PROMPT project management method which was a direct predecessor of PRINCE2 used by the British government.

In 2005, PUG (PRINCE2 User Group) changed to BPUG (Best Practice User Group) as its members decided that the group should encompass other internationally recognized best practice models for managing projects, programmes, portfolios, risks and so on. Thus BPUG extended support not only PRINCE2 users but also created space for application of other OGC (Office of Government Commerce) products - MSP, P3O, MoR, etc.
In 2010 BPUG also entered the Slovak territory as a legal entity (public association) BPUG Slovensko which at the same time started collaboration with the British BPUG and other related professional associations in Slovakia and abroad.

What do we aim to achieve ?

  • bringing together all professionals involved in the management of projects, programmes, portfolios, risks, (RPPPM) and so on, in Slovakia
  • creating space for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas among its members
  • supporting training and the promotion of professional qualifications in the fields of RPPPM in Slovakia
  • representing Slovakia in the International BPUG structures and regional user groups
  • teaming up with partners and related organizations and institutions in Slovakia and abroad that share in the BPUG Slovensko vision
  • organizing workshops, conferences, and other professional events to promote quality and expertise in RPPPM
  • publishing articles and professional literature in the area of RPPPM in Slovak

Who are our partner organizations ?

BPUG (Best Practice User Group) Slovensko is ready to start partnership with commercial companies, that choose to directly support specific projects and events of BPUG Slovakia – current list of partners.
BPUG Slovakia also develops collaboration with related professional organizations in Slovakia and at the international level – the current list of partner organizations.
Anyone interested in membership may contact directly the management of BPUG Slovensko:

Peter Balco, President BPUG Slovensko, tel.: 0915 995 755, president@bpug.sk
Juraj Vojtek, Vice President for Internal Affairs BPUG Slovensko, tel.: 0903 223 160, bpug@bpug.sk
Družstevná 24 
900 21, Svätý Jur
IČO: 42180856

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